Document & Email Management

The iManage Work Document Management Solution (DMS) is a state-of-the-art system used by major organisations globally. All of a company’s business content is moved into a single, central location, putting all the files and emails in a structured order and making them easily accessible. Documents and emails can be easily found days, months or even years later, and cutting edge in-built search technology means time wasted looking for the right document is a thing of the past. Intelligent software means further emails and replies are automatically filed to the correct location, and chains are connected together improving user experience.

iManage Work is designed to be customisable to suit each customer’s individual requirements, and is installed and implemented by an international partner network. Tiger Eye works with you to understand your complete requirement before installing a bespoke iManage Work build, designed to answer your every business need.

iManage Work deals with all of a company’s digital assets – data, emails, records, images and media, giving users on and off site the ability to search, control, organise, create and edit content. This solution can manage millions of documents whilst giving you a clear audit trail on each one. Increasingly, we are finding clients need improved security to meet stricter industry regulation. Reassuringly, the data sits behind layers of security, allowing access only to those authorised to use the documents.

  • Gold standard iManage software used by thousands of top tier clients globally
  • Seamless integration with your existing software
  • Significant time saving across an organisation
  • Digital security and cloud or server options
  • Customised built designed through partnership approach

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