Welcome to Tiger Eye

Launched in 2005, Tiger Eye was founded with the firm belief that clients need more than just document management software. They need a complete system that matches their every business requirement. We have since worked with many clients in legal, financial and professional services and with each and every one we began by looking at the issues they faced. We then planned the solution that best met their needs and budget.
Our competitors can claim bigger turnovers and profits, but we believe that small teams deliver better results. And we’re sticking to our beliefs. We can adapt quickly and work smarter and faster, as we’ve proved time and again. What’s more, our clients benefit from senior, experienced team members working in partnership with them.

Benefits of change

Why now? The need for accessibility, security and cost savings has never been greater and an advanced document management system is a core requirement for any business wanting to keep pace with today.


Tougher regulations have required companies to look again at how they handle both paper and electronic documents. The changes affect all publicly traded organisations - but particularly those in the legal and financial services sectors, where many are implementing rigorous document retention policies to meet compliance requirements such as Sarbanes-Oxley.


Many companies are also taking another look at their continuity and security strategies to ensure a speedy resumption of operations in the event of disruption.

Cost savings

In the current harsh economic climate, our customers are more aware than ever of the need to save money through the innovative use of technology. Whether that innovative solution is the management of business content, digital dictation, or sharing of contacts; many have found that the short term investment leads to long term improvements to their bottom line.